( Affiliated to CBSE )

5th International Day of Yoga

Tapovan International School celebrated the International Day of Yoga 21st June at the school campus (Playground). The students and teachers had participated in the celebration to signify the importance of Yoga. Special trained students demonstrated Suryanamaskar and the different Yoga Asanas like :

Tadasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Vajrasana,  Paschimottasana, Parvatasana, Bhujanagasana, Matsyasana, Vakrasana,  Shavasana

Stepwise right postures were instructed by the anchors and guided by the teachers. The benefits of each of the asanas were explained. The programme was concluded with Laughter Therapy as laughter is the best medicine for  keeping good health.

The entire programme was conducted alongwith a flute instrumental music. The pleasant weather and greenery brought the students close to nature and enhanced their inner calmness.

Also the sports teacher instructed  the benefits of healthy food and regular exercises to avoid obesity and lethargy found in the students of present generation as a result of influence of social networking.

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