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Non Fire Cooking for Pre-Primary to Class – 12

Primary Wing

On 30.04.19 Primary wing began the day with great enthusiasm. Children came with lot of energy and were very excited. Teachers conducted assembly with the following content.

  1. To learn the value of nutritious food.
  2. To learn about crops and spices grown in India.
  3. How oil is extracted from various seeds.
  4. About good agricultural practices.
  5. Excessive use of pesticides.
  6. To learn about traditional foods of various states.
  7. To develop an interest in cooking.
  8. Promotion of organic farming.

Children showed interest and done Non- Fire Cooking Activity in their respective classes.



Non- Fire Cooking Activity










Secondary  Wing

Learning is an art. When art is integrated with education, it helps child in critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of the concepts. Thereby, CBSE seeks to promote Art Integrated Education. This promotes opportunities for students’ academic learning with fun filled activities.

With these objectives TIS organized a Non-Fire Cooking Activity for Primary Wing and Secondary  Wing. The following events were held to ensure group work, fun-filled learning, games and amusement.

The entire Team of Science teachers enlightened the students on various topics as given below :

  1. Modern Technology in Agriculture and use of Mobile Apps for its access
  2. Effects of Pesticides
  3. Organic Farming and Advantages
  4. Oil Extraction Process
  5. Importance of Nutrition in our Daily life, Say no to Junk Food
  6. Types and Uses of Spices
  7. Advantages of Genetically Modified Crops

There were effective videos that caught students’ attention for their understanding of values of nutritious food, their sources, and agriculture practices.

Non-Fire Cooking Activity in Classroom










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